Square Koral Backpack


Sustainable Materials

  • Polyester: recycled from 8 plastic bottles
  • Natural cork: of cyclical production 
  • Walnut wood: FSC®-certified 


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  • Size: 34 x 40 x 10 cm
  • Capacity: 13 liters
  • Padded pocket for laptop: up to 14”
  • Pockets for valuables: on the inside
  • Do not immerse in water: splash resistant
  • Easy to clean: with a damp cloth


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Your tree

The planting of Your tree will offset 17 times the environmental impact of manufacturing and delivering your backpack:

Carbon emissions: 11.6 kg/CO2

Carbon adsorption: 200 kg/CO2


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ENGRAVE a message onto your backpack’s key chain and choose the name of YOUR TREE at checkout.


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Reviews and opinions


Better than I expected. The quality of this backpack is amazing.

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This is my first time ordering this backpack and I love it! I like how lightweight it is. Not bulky. I highly recommend it!

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Really good quality and lovely design. Got many compliments since I got it.

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Good quality and nice design. Good purchase overall.

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My friends gifted me this backpack and I loved it. Found out soon afterwards that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles! Amazing quality and purpose. A give it a 10.

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Square Koral Backpack

Our Koral backpack, and the Ozean backpack, is here to reinvent the concept of a conventional formal backpack. We can talk about sustainable backpacks for two fundamental reasons. On the one hand, because of the way they’re made, since we use environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled polyester, cork, or FSC®-certified wood. And on the other hand, because when you buy this backpack, ONE OAK commits to plant a tree in Galicia with the name of your choice.

The Koral backpack is medium-sized, perfect for both men and women. ONE OAK backpacks have multiple pockets to organize everything and to better secure your valuables on a day-to-day basis. They are designed to be laptop backpacks, that’s why they have a compartment specially meant for your laptop. All these details make them the perfect urban backpacks.

One of the most original features of the Koral red backpacks is that they have parts that are reinforced with natural cork. At ONE OAK, everything revolves around wood, and like in our wood watches, we wanted to include details in this material that capture our essence. In these cork backpacks the cork is extracted respecting the life cycle of the tree it came from.

Additionally, like the rest of ONE OAK’s wood accessories, the backpacks feature inserts made from this material. On the flap, we’ve have added a walnut wood accent that gives it greater weight, so we get an extra level of safety with this red backpack. Thanks to this detail, it is possible to honor the spirit of the brand, sustainability, without sacrificing original design.

To make these red urban backpacks, we have used recycled polyester from eight plastic bottles. The use of this material reduces our reliance on new petroleum-based products, which represents, on a global scale, a step forward in the future of the textile industry in terms of sustainability.

Your backpack fights climate change, as you’ll see inside the flap, because with the purchase of each red Koral backpack, you’ll be planting a tree in Galicia with the name you choose it, and you’ll receive a photo of your tree after the next reforestation. Over the course of your tree’s lifetime, you will be giving back to the planet 17 times the environmental impact that was caused by the manufacturing of your backpack.

For those who don’t usually use backpacks or for those who want to complete their look with other wood accessories, we recommend some of our products in red tones. You will find the perfect wood watch, such as the red sandalwood watch of the Woodz collection or the 36 mm with burgundy red dials of the Jesen collection. And if you like original caps, you will find two caps with flat wood visors in the Garnet or Arcadian model.
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