How to change your watch straps

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How to change your watch straps

Your ONE OAK can be combined with many interchangeable watch straps so you may customize your watch to match all your outfits. Remember that we have two ranges of interchangeable watch straps, depending on the size of your dial, 40 mm or 36 mm. You may find additional information on watch strap compatibility on our website.

Changing the watch strap of your ONE OAK is very simple, as you can see in the video. You will see that the dial has a hole on each side. The watch strap has a lug that slips into it from side to side with a metallic ball that you need to pull. To change the watch strap, place one of the ends of the lug facing the holes on the strap while you pull on the ball to insert the other side. Repeat the same process on the other side of the watch strap.

How to change the buckles

Changing the buckle of your ONE OAK is a fast process that you can do yourself. Our buckles have different finishes (golden, silver...) and, depending on the watch you choose, you may need to change the buckle so it matches the crown. The crown is the small screw used to change the time.

The buckle has three elements: the prong, the frame, and the bar. To change the buckle you will need a fine point knife. Use it to push in one side of the bar to loosen the buckle. Then you should pull out the old bar, the frame and the prong. Place the new prong first and then place the bar. Introduce a side of the bar into one of the holes of the frame and insert the other extreme of the bar. You’re finished, your watch is ready!

Adjust your metal watch strap

One of our special watch strap is made out of braided metal. If you were to pick this one, you will need to follow several simple steps to adapt it to your wrist.

You will see that the watch strap has a small buckle, when you turn it over, you will see it has dents throughout the watch strap. Use a rigid tool and insert it into a hole, use it as a lever to unblock the metal tab. Slide the metallic part until it reaches the size you need. Press down on the buckle to close it. Your watch strap is ready!