Syzygy Denim



  • Hypoallergenic watch: unisex
  • Wood: Italian olive
  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Crystal: quartz
  • Quartz movement: Citizen
  • Ultralight dial: <25 gr
  • Warranty: 2 years


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  • Material: blue denim fabric
  • Weight: 9 gr
  • Buckle: silver
  • Adjustable: to all wrist sizes
  • Interchangeable: with 36 mm dials
  • Inscription: on the buckle


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Details & Care

  • Gift Set: available with 2 straps
  • Finish: handcrafted with one of a kind grains
  • Inscriptions: crown and reverse
  • Do not immerse in water: splash resistant
  • Cleaning: use natural oils


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Your tree

The planting of Your tree will offset 285 times the environmental impact of manufacturing and delivering your watch:

Carbon emissions: 0.7 kg/CO2

Carbon adsorption: 200 kg/CO2


Wood used: 0.1 kg

+ Reforested wood: 8,000 kg


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ENGRAVE a message on your watch and choose the name of YOUR TREE at checkout.


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Reviews and opinions

Good quality!

Looks just like the pictures. This was a gift to my wife and she absolutely loves it! Thanks!

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Beautiful watch!

I was pleasantly surprised with this purchase. The watch is very light and beautiful. I really love the colors. Also, the idea is fantastic.

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She loves it!

Bought it for my sister for her bday and she loved it. She wants even more colors in the future!

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I was never really into watches but when I came across this ones I fell in love. They’re really different and nice.

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Got a wood watch for my birthday and loved it. I got to pick the name of my tree and now I’m eager to get my picture.

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Syzygy Denim

Feel free to choose from any one of our ONE OAK wood watches because all of our products come with a 2 year warranty and of course this includes the denim watch you are about to purchase. And if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days to make a return. We at ONE OAK invite you to buy the unique sustainable wood watch you have been looking for. For example, this Syzygy Denim handcrafted with sustainable olive wood watch in brown with blue denim strap. For every purchase of the Syzygy Denim made online at ONE OAK we plant a tree in Galicia with a plaque containing the name of your choice. That's why every ONE OAK purchase is double: one watch and one planted tree. These days it's increasingly difficult to find a truly original gift, but not with ONE OAK. That's why the Syzygy dials are made of olive wood, and what sets them apart is their unique tones of browns and grains that stand out from other watches. You can take advantage of our wide selection of wood watches with handcrafted details and their rich brown olive grain from ONE OAK at any time, night or day. ONE OAK is the online store that let's you buy a one of a kind watch with interchangeable straps in denim fabric. You can find most of our watches here sets, with the strap of your choice that best substitutes the signature blue fabric with silver buckle. And, if you like any of our other unique sustainable wood straps, you can get a €5 discount applying the code: STRAP. The Syzygy Denim is a denim watch because it combines a light blue dial in solid wood with a fine strap in denim fabric and silver buckle. At ONE OAK we both design and handcraft our collection of sustainable wood watches. Get your ONE OAK with splash resistant blue denim strap. We offer free shipping on orders over €55 to anywhere in the peninsula. We can gift wrap your Syzygy denim if you wish. You can purchase your brown 36 mm watch at a great price and receive it in the peninsula within maximum 3 days.
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